January: Eclairs

And so the baking begins. January’s challenge is ECLAIRS!

Like all these baking attempts, I’m not pretending to be an expert and I’ll share as I go where I found information or help, and reflections on how things turned out. If, dear reader, you’ve made anything I bake and have suggestions I’d love to hear them! Even when I think I’m succeeding I’m generally flying blind (or basing it on things I’ve read on the internet/ eating the thing at some point in my life and trying to remember what it was like). So as this adventure begins be advised that while I’ve used recipes and adapt or follow them here this is also a self-reflective process of baking that I’m trying to record.


previous eclair attempt: sadly flat, saved by excessive chocolate

So: January! Why eclairs? Well, several years ago, in my ignorance I decided to make eclairs one evening. I found a recipe on the internet and went for it. Suddenly I found myself making the dough in a saucepan, and realised I’d definitely, inadvertently stepped out of my normal baking zone.

Those mini-eclairs I made (mini both in length and puffiness) were still eaten with glee by work colleagues but to be honest they did not puff as choux pastry is meant to, and I think it was really the combination of chocolate whipped cream and chocolate topping that saved me.

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