February: Pear Tarte Tatin

Yes yes, I know it is now mid-March and the title of this blog says February. I am pleased to say, despite failing to post a blog in February I did all the cooking in the correct month at least (well the second attempt was in March)! In this shortest month of the year I came back from my honeymoon, packed our flat, moved to Brisbane, started a new job, found a place to live up here AND baked. No wonder February disappeared in a flash!

So when I moved up to Brisbane I moved in temporarily with my folks while I looked for somewhere for Brendan and I to live. Considering they were letting me stay with them I thought I’d bake something for them, and that my mum can eat. My mum has a salicylate intolerance which means there is a long list of foods to be avoided – in particular fruit, vegies, and spices.

I decided to attempt a tart tatin, and to make it mum-friendly, made a pear tarte tatin. A tarte tatin is an upside-down tart. You bake caramalised fruit under a pastry sheet and then flip it over to serve. The oft-repeated tale is that two sisters (the Tatin sisters) ran a hotel in France and one overcooked/burnt the fruit for an apple pie and in an attempt to save it inverted it and served it to her guests who loved it. Other food historians suggest that the tart has existed in the Sologne region of France for hundreds of years and while this story may have an element of truth to the events, there is contention about whether it was ‘invented’ by the sisters.

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