May: Norwegian Cookie Bake!

The 17th of May is Syttende Mai or Norwegian National Day (/Constitution Day). My family is part Norwegian (my dad’s dad was Norwegian) and one of the ways we celebrate this is by celebrating syttende mai with family dinner at my parents’ place. I thought I’d bake something Norwegian for dessert in celebration. It is often typical to bake a kvæfjordkake (humbly known as ‘the best cake in the world’) or a suksesskake, or a bløtkake (very similar to a Victorian sponge). But I decided that ‘just’ a cake wasn’t enough (although I’m going to make a kvæfjordkake sometime soon because it looks delicious! and I’ve not made one before). So I instead decide to appropriate a Christmas tradition of making a variety (traditionally 7 types) of biscuits that are traditionally made to have out when visitors drop by around Christmas time. So over the course of a weekend–and it literally took me the weekend–I baked 5 types of Norwegian biscuits, plus plain (but ah-mazing) sugar cookies that Mum can eat, and as I’d run out of time to make the 7th type of cookie it was lucky that wonderful friend Bec had been invited to dinner and brought a little bit of her English heritage in the shape of Elizabeth Shaw mint chocolates that we made the ‘7th’ item on our plates. Continue reading